Early Holiday Gift Ideas For Him.

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It’s almost that time of year again! I’m literally itching to set up the Christmas tree (and yes, I know I just posted about Halloween decor but I LOVE the holidays), Neiman Marcus’ 2014 Christmas Book came out (if wishes were fishes am I right?), and I want to fill the house with scents of fresh pine. With that said, I have made it my mission to have the least stressful holiday ever this year. I will drink and be merry with my cranberry vodkas, I will have silent nights of luxury in my cashmere leggings, and I will finish my shopping early! I thought I would create my own personal wish list for him to inspire myself as well as others. Here are my picks as of right now for the ho-ho-holidays…
  • Cashmere scarf (they never go out of style, especially one in neutrals)
  • Aftershave lotion (Dolce & Gabbana the one smells amazing)
  • Men’s Ugg slippers (my husband lives in these when he’s not at work)
  • A leather wallet (loving the camo by Paul Smith)
  • Italian cashmere slim fit sweaters (it’s as if he’s wearing a hug from you wherever he goes)
  • Slim fit sweatpants (for his last minute jaunts to deliver the RedBox before it’s too late)
  • A luxury watch (Cartier or Rolex anyone?)

But in the end of all these ideas it all comes down to the watch and what goes with the watch. Designer watches seem to start around $3,500 and go up to the price of a small island. Lately I’ve been perusing an auction site called Invaluable. My husband and brother like to accumulate fine watches. Luckily this site has it set to were you can bid on the watch of your dreams with pretty much any luxury designer brand available. Personally my husband loves watches with roman numerals, croc embossed leather, and stainless steel so the large Cartier 18k Santos watch would be the perfect pick. I could see him wearing this Cartier as he’s in his cashmere sweater, slim fit sweatpants, Ugg slippers, and scarf as we’re lounging about on a snow filled day sipping sugar cookie lattes. It would be the perfect time piece in his stocking! Now if only he could fit a pair of Louboutins in mine…

What kind of watch would you get your significant other?

Home Decor: Chic Halloween Display.

My husband and I have been traveling a lot lately so my projects have been far and few between. One thing I refuse to let slip through the cracks is my Halloween decor. I’ve always loved Halloween for the dress up factor, the acceptability to gorge on seasonal fall candy (candy corn 4 eva), and the Disney marathon of all non-scary Halloween movies (Hocus Pocus and all four Halloweentown movies). This Halloween I wanted to make a small display in the living room, one in the kitchen, and then decor outside of course. Well, I can finally check off the living room!

C'est Halloween!

C’est Halloween!

The mini moon photo is just a sample size of the 16X20 print I will be putting up soon (available the Etsy GoldenBonbonsImages). The rest was extremely easy to put together. It took me one night and one cosmo (I’ve been avoiding my beloved red wine as I recently learned it worsens seasonal allergies this time of year and my allergies are bad enough without it!).

Orange Wine Bottle: I poured an acrylic paint in the color ‘pumpkin’ in a washed out and dried clear wine bottle (a white wine bottle, the red wines are usually in green tinted glass). I patiently swirled the paint around the inside of the wine bottle until there was not one spot that you could see through. The paint I used was Anita’s All Purpose Acrylic craft paint in ‘11140 pumpkin.’ The overall effect was a wine bottle that looked as if it was made of orange enamel.

Black ‘Porcelain’ Skull: I took an extremely inexpensive (think $1) cardboard skull from the craft store and spray painted it with RUST-OLEUM Painter’s Touch Paint + Primer in satin canyon black. The satin finish gives the skull a bit of a sheen that makes it look as if it Limoges and not cardboard. I put the skull atop a $2 cake stand I made with a glass plate and a glass candlestick holder from the Dollar Tree held together with a bit of automotive strength epoxy glue.

Bat Frames: I cut some craft paper from Hobby Lobby into 4″ x 6″ rectangles and placed them in some frames my husband and I got for a Christmas present one year. Then I took some black bat gel window clings and placed them on the outside atop the glass. Too easy!



Trick-or-Treat Frame: Just one piece of Halloween scrapbook paper from the craft store in an all black frame I had lying around. I think I might get a dry erase marker and draw a semi-spooky message on the glass! We’ll see…

I always post the craft projects I am doing on my instagram so feel free to follow if you’d like @goldenbonbons

What kind of Halloween decor are you putting out this year?!

Cashmere, Corduroys, & Yankees.

Game Day
As most know, Derek Jeter played his last game this year. I decided to create a fall/winter worthy look in honor of baseball fans, Jeter, and the state where my favorite movies takes place (You’ve Got Mail, The Devil Wears Prada, Serendipity, etc…). This ensemble is perfect since I especially like to embrace that comfy casual look this time of year. Here are my favorite key pieces.
  • Corduroy leggings (I swear I have them in 6 different colors, they are wonderful)
  • Cashmere v-neck sweaters
  • Ugg boots (a Minnesota necessity)
  • Infinity scarves
  • Basic camis
  • Black diamond studs (cz for those of us that love to be fabulous on a frugal budget)
  • A nude lipstick (L’Oreal’s Julianne’s Nude is my favorite right now)
  • New Era New York Yankees trapper hat

The New York Yankees trapper hat from Fanatics is next on my list of things I must have for the cold weather season. I love the faux fur, the colors that match with everything (I’m a firm believer that you can pair navy and black together), and the fact that it covers your ears when you’re running errands on a 20 degree day (or -20…). Hats become a definite staple in my wardrobe this time of year (plus cute baseball hats are great at hiding root growth when you’re trying to hold out one more week before you go to the salon). My cold weather season list also includes more tins of tea, a lip balm that actually works, and a white Lincoln MKX with snow tires (a girl can dream right?).

Are you a New York Yankees fan?