Makeup Bag: Winter/Spring Blushing Pink.

Makeup Bag: Winter/Spring Blushing Pink.
Spring is supposed to be here in a few weeks but it sure doesn’t feel like it. I thought I would at least transition into some spring colors in my makeup bag right now and share with you what my must have items are. I’ve been keeping everything pretty simple and natural looking lately. I was having such a hard time finding foundation that met my ingredient requirements and didn’t dry out my skin that I had to just give up. Instead I focused on taking really good care of my skin to where I don’t need foundation and now just a few products help me get ready to get out the door. Here is my typical routine…


1. After finishing up with my morning skincare routine, I’ll use my Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch concealer (in buff) under my eyes. I use the triangle method and blend with my fingers instead of a brush. I find the warmth of my fingers help blend it to look more natural than patting with a foundation or concealer brush.


2. Sonia Kashuk’s Dewy Luxe Lip and Cheek Balm is a dry skin’s savior. It’s a supposed liquid blush but it doesn’t fill pores like some do. I use the shade enchanted and when I blend it with my fingers it looks like a really natural flush. I just put a few swipes onto each apple of my cheek, blend with my fingers, and then dab some on my lips.


3. If I’m staying in for the day I’ll just rub some Vaseline Rosy Lips over my lip stain, if I’m going out I’ll put some Almay’s Color + Care Liquid Balm in pink pout over my lip stain. Both add a nice touch of blush and are moisturizing which is nice since winter has been so drying.


4. After I curl my lashes I put about 2 coats of the cult classic Maybelline Great Lash in black on my lashes. I know it’s not the most high tech mascara but I’ve been adding a few drops of organic cold pressed castor oil to my mascara tubes (about 3 drops per tube) and didn’t want to muck up an expensive mascara. The castor oil helps moisturize my lashes and they seem to be getting longer. I’m not a doctor so I can’t tell you to do this or if it is even safe, but so far so good for moi.


5. For bold brows I use e.l.f.’s eye brightening pencil in coffee (it’s only $1!) and rub it on the brush part of a brow brush comb. Then I just comb my brows until they are a little bit darker and full. It frames my eyes and disguises sparse bits as I grow my eyebrows out. It also looks much more natural than filling them in with a pencil directly.


6. Instead of using a sparkly highlighter during the day I use Vaseline instead. Just a thin layer along my cheekbones to seal in moisture and reflect light. Then I add some Vaseline onto my pulse points before I spray my Dolce & Gabbana The One.


My whole routine takes about 5 minutes total. What will you be using for your spring look?

Cream Cheese Chocolate Chip Cookies.


This past weekend was my husband’s birthday so I baked him treats throughout the entire week. There were chocolate chip muffins, petite oreo cheesecakes, a layered red velvet cake with cheesecake in the middle, and his favorite cream cheese chocolate chip cookies. I found the recipe on Pinterest for these soft batch cream cheese chocolate chip cookies. The recipe is from cooking blog Averie Cooks if you want to check it out and bake them for yourselves. My husband LOVED them! They ended up really soft, so soft I was worried they were going to taste thick and cake like. I was so wrong, they were soft in that ooey, gooey, chocolatey chipy goodness way. They have now become our official household cookie recipe. The big difference in the recipe of these cookies compared to regular chocolate chip cookies would be using butter and cream cheese (versus just butter). I highly recommend these cookies if you’re looking for something comforting and sweet to bake until the weather warms up (I’m typing this as it snows heavily outside right now, happy March 3rd). Click here for the recipe and enjoy!

What other pins would you like me to try?

Why I Deleted My Social Media.

As I had stated in a previous post, I have deleted all of my social media. Au revoir personal Facebook, ciao Twitter, auf wiedersehen Instagram, and adios Tumblr. Can you believe it? I was tied into four social media sites. Four! Now I’ve had some friends and family ask why I did it. I also have had acquantances ask why I did it. Here are my reasons why…

My Phone Was Always Attatched To My Body
Do you ever leave the house or your car and realize you forgot your phone? You instantly feel naked. How are you going to check your e-mails, tweets, likes on Instagram, reblogs on Tumblr, and notifications from Facebook whilst grocery shopping? I started to notice every picture taken of me during an event or family get together always included me holding my phone. I started to really dislike my dependence on my phone. I remember not even having a cellphone until I was 17. Now in my late twenties my phone was part of me and I really became annoyed with myself.

Missing Out On Life
Last fall my husband and I were up in one of our favorite secret vacation spots (I can’t tell you where, it’s our special secret). I remember we went on what was supposed to be a romantic walk outside to look at the changing leaves but Iwas more concered with trying to take the perfect photos to put on my Tumblr rather than hold his hand and enjoy the moment. It made me thing of so many other times I was more interested in getting the perfect photo of my plate for Instagram when out to eat rather than enjoy my company and meal. I was missing out on all these special moments of living by trying to take photographic momentos. Yes I had the photos, but were they really worth cutting down on the quality of the experience? To me they weren’t.

Oversharing Leads To Anxiety
I’m a very private person and a lot of people that know me don’t even realize that. Yes, I’ll share too much about my period among friends, I’ll be more than happy to explain how I give myself a bikini wax, but there are a lot of things that are just for me or my family. Now I started up on all of these social media sites because they were supposed to be fun and exciting. People like your photos and like your statuses, but these were people I didn’t know. I started to feel anxious putting so much of my personal life out there. Then I realized I didn’t have to. Sometimes when you start out on social media you feel an obligation to constantly post and share your day which is what I was doing, but in the end it didn’t make me feel good at all. The only people I would want to see these things would be my parents, my aunt, my grandmas, and other family members (which don’t tumblr, gram, or tweet).

Lets be honest, there are some weirdos out there on the interwebs. Everyday I would have weird Facebook messages from people I haven’t met, get weird requests from people I didn’t know on Instagram, and get weird comments on my tweets or other social media outlets. Some would retort with making your sites private, that didn’t stop some of the requests and my main reason for having some of my sites would be to share healthy tips or other positive things. When I cut out my social media I cut out the social weirdos.

Do you ever wake up and log onto your Facebook only to see your friends or family squabbling about politics or some world event publicly for all to see? People can get vicious! Or people sharing ultra depressing photos of animal abuse or human abuse on their feed? Not the best way to wake up with your cup of coffee. I’ll admit the world can be a pretty crummy place sometimes and it’s best not to be ignorant about world events. But, the world can be a beautiful place as well and we shouldn’t subject ourselves to negativity when we don’t need to.

Have you ever read the statistics of Facebook and divorce? The divorce rate runs so high today that it’s frightening. My husband and I made the choice together to delete our personal Facebooks because we never want to get to that place where we start arguing about petty things. What happened when we both deleted our Facebook pages? Instead of logging onto Facebook we started spending more time together. Now when we have spare time we paint pictures together, we do projects, we read in bed, we cook delicious dinners together, and when the weather permits we go on scenic bike rides. I’ll be honest, Facebook took up a lot of our free time. It’s almost sickening to think of all the time we wasted on it when we could have been having fun together the whole time. All that matters though is all of the fun and the memories we are making now!

I don’t know what is said in all of that tiny fonted agreement you have to agree to before you start your social media sites. What I do know is you give up a lot of your privacy and your rights. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Instead of using social media, now my husband and I use a real camera to take photos when we have family get together. Real photos we can print and put in frames or scrapbooks. If I need to share recipes or something interesting I found I send her a good old fashioned e-mail. I find myself spending less time on my phone or computer and more time living. I still have my Golden Bonbons Facebook page for business and blog updates and I’ll admit, I did keep my pinterest but perhaps we all need one technological vice.

What are your thoughts on social media?