Holidazzle: Thanksgiving 2014 Menu.

Thanksgiving 2014

I look to Martha Stewart during the holiday season because that woman seems to really know what she’s doing. She makes millions for baking cookies and designing tablescapes! So naturally I found her Thanksgiving checklist and realized I am already far behind. I mean today I am supposed to get kids excited with Thanksgiving crafts and tomorrow I am supposedly supposed to make crafts with felt according to her checklist. Alas, I am childless and feltless…

However, I did finally settle on my Thanksgiving menu! Check one item off the list.

I wanted to have a menu that was simple and elegant. My hope is that the chicness of my dinner will make up for the fact that I will be using disposable plates and cups… and cutlery (and I am not one bit ashamed to admit it, I will get the chicest disposable dining set I can find). My husband and I are hosting this year and I am planning for 9-10 guests (a fancier word for family). The menu took a few days to plan considering everyone’s food allergies and food preferences. My husband and I learned the hard way last year that not everyone loves Gruyere cheese and truffle oil. Live and let live.

Here is my menu with links to recipes my mother and I will be following. When you’re having a large Thanksgiving with family sometimes you have to delegate dishes. A few of the recipes are our own that I will be sharing later over next week and the week after!

Main Course: Salt & Pepper Turkey

Sides: Pan Gravy, Wild Rice Salad, Celery Root Puree, Sweet Green Bean Bundles, Spinach & Cheese Puff, Glazed Squash, Quinoa & Brown Rice Stuffing

Dessert: Spiced Pumpkin Mousse, Cinnamon Dulce Cappuccinos

Drinks: Gingered Apple Punch, Iced Tea

I’ll be making a few changes to some of the recipes. I don’t like to use any nuts in any of my cooking since there are so many nut allergies today. I will also be using a different cheese in the spinach and cheese puff, I’m considering Manchego. I’ll use cornstarch instead of flour for gravy and my cappuccinos will be from a Maxwell box! My Thanksgiving pinterest board has a lot of these recipes already pinned. Watch my instagram for holiday baking and disposable plate shopping @goldenbonbons. I also have a few more dishes delegated so I’ll share what they are on my twitter as we get closer to the holidays!

What dish are you looking most forward to for Thanksgiving?


Holidazzle: Extravagant Button Earrings.

Well everyone, it’s about three weeks until Thanksgiving and six-ish weeks until Christmas. I haven’t looked up the exact numbers yet today, I’m still waiting for my double black breakfast tea latte to kick in (eeeep!). I thought I would share with you one of my favorite do it yourself projects that can give you some sparkle to wear to Thanksgiving dinner and/or make wonderful presents for family and friends! This project takes less than five minutes and costs less than five dollars (depending on what supplies you’d like to use). What is this project you ask? Why it’s button earrings!

Perfect for gifts and holiday events!

Perfect for gifts and holiday events!

These beauties are so easy to make, I actually made all five pairs last night in a matter of minutes. I’m planning on wearing one of the olive pair for the first Thanksgiving dinner my husband and I are hosting. Here is the quick and easy how to…

Supplies Needed:

  • buttons
  • flat posts/clutches
  • E6000 glue
  • optional: saw/pliers/metal cutters
I got these buttons by Sew-Ology from Hobby Lobby.

I got these buttons by SEW-OLOGY from Hobby Lobby.

This week the SEW-OLOGY buttons at Hobby Lobby are 50% off until Sunday so my loving husband stopped there after work and picked up the ones I sent him in a list (best husband award definitely goes to this guy). You can see the sparkle much better in this button picture since it was taken at night with a flash. I love the olive and brass ones for the holidays, the blue look like they would be worn by Elsa in Frozen, and the cross rhinestones and pearl buttons look like they would be found on the Kate Spade website (like this pair here). Best part is that all of these earrings cost less than ten dollars.



So here is how I made them. All but one pair of these buttons are metal. Most buttons have what is called a shank or loop on the back.

The shank is circled in lavender.

The shank is circled in lavender.

I (and I mean husband by I) used our pneumatic air compressor saw to cut the shanks off the back. If you don’t want to mess with this you can get plastic buttons and pry the shank off with pliers since they are usually just glued onto the back of the plastic buttons.

Shankless and ready for glue.

Shankless and ready for glue. See the smoothness highlighted in lavender?!

I used my overly large tube of E6000 (I use this for a lot of projects) to glue some hypo-allergenic nickel free plating flat posts onto the pack of the buttons. You can find the posts in bags of about 30-36 at any craft store. I used a brand called The Jewelry Shoppe that has bags of 36 pcs for $2.99 (but I buy them when they are half off so they only cost me $1.50).

Glued and ready to dry for the night.

Glued and ready to dry for the night.

I go a little heavy on the glue because I like my earrings to hold up in travel. I just let them dry overnight and by morning my earrings are ready to wear! I love this because they only cost dollars a pair, the posts are hypo-allergenic, and if you travel a lot during the holidays you wont be heart broken if you lose a pair among the hustle and bustle. These also make fabulous homemade gifts for family and friends. I’m going to make earrings for my mom and mother in-laws using vintage buttons I find at antique stores with gold plated or silver plated posts. Watch my instagram and twitter accounts for when I do make them, I’ll be posting pictures of all my holiday crafting and cooking!

Instagram: Goldenbonbons

Twitter: Goldenbonbons

Are you going to make button earrings this holiday season?!




Makeup Bag: Fall/Winter Skincare 2014.

fall/winter skincare

The ground is looking frosty in the morning, the Christmas commercials are starting up on t.v., and my summer platforms are being put in hibernation. The cold weather is officially here as well as my dry skin. I thought I would share my skincare arsenal right now that works for my sensitive skin which seems to be dry than oily each year. My arsenal doesn’t contain the most expensive brands right now but after a couple years working for different prestige cosmetic brands I have learned that price doesn’t always equate quality. Here is my routine…


  • I rinse my face with warm water and then tone with Clarins Toning Lotion with Iris
  • I apply a thin layer of L’Oreal Age Perfect Glow Facial Oil
  • I apply a thick-ish layer of Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream (it keeps my skin moisturized)
  • I use Vaseline slightly above my cheekbones, along my orbital bone, and on my lips for sheen

Beauty Tip: The Vaseline gives me the sheen of a luminzer without the shimmer for daily day wear as well as keeps moisture locked into my more dry spots.


  • I use a gentle cleanser like Boots Sensitive Gentle Cleansing Lotion
  • I exfoliate 3 times a week with St. Ives Even and Bright
  • I apply an even layer of Egyptian Magic on my face (which is amazing!)
  • I use a bit of Boots Organic Super Balm on my lips and around my orbital bone

This routine has given my a dewy glow that even made my completely sound of mind grandma not remember how old I was when I saw her on our glamping trip. I bought the Cetaphil, Vaseline, and Egyptian Magic at Costco so I have enough to last me through the roughest winter days! The only thing I plan changing with my routine is trying a different toner when my Clarins runs out. I’m going to get the Finnish Lumene Bright Touch Refreshing Toner and/or the derma e Soothing Toner. I also need something a bit more moisturizing for lips because they get so dry during the day and at night. I’m hoping to get the Botanics Tinted Lip Balm in Sheer Pomegranate for the day to add a bit of festive color as well as moisture and the Botanics Organic Lip Balm next time I’m out and about. I have a couple of masks on my wish list to try as well and will let you know how they work if and when I get them!

What are your favorite fall/winter skincare products?